Carmelo Sastri , founder and soul of the restaurant , that drawing from the great tradition of the cuisine of the poor , educates the brigade in the kitchen with a mission to pass on those flavors protagonists of his childhood and part of the collective memory of the ancient Naples . Just those recipes borrowed from grandmother Emilia and her mother Anna (called Ninetta ) , women 800, custodian of the secrets that make it unique Neapolitan cuisine in the world .

“I have lived a lot of time abroad and I remember that every time I came back to Naples it was difficult to find a restaurant where you could taste the real traditional cuisine, the one made at home in earthenware pots, as my mother did. So I decided to start what is much more than a mere business for me, proposing to offer only real home cooking and, together with my sister Lina Sastri, give at the same time an artistic touch to this place.”

“La casa di Ninetta”, a theatrical and monologue book

“A stream of the written soul, without corrections, some time after my mother’s death. Part of an autobiographical inspiration, like all the writings of a writer who is not a professional, a tribute to the most beautiful and extraordinary woman I have ever known, Anna, called Ninetta, who was my mother. ”
Lina Sastri