Neapolitan cuisine has been for centuries seasonal and by market. Neapolitan women down early to make the rounds of the fish and vegetable markets to buy what the season, the sea and the land offered. Often called the “poor ” but perhaps more “rich ” even more because “You do not throw anything “.

Dense, rustic: A’Genovese
Expression of archaic gluttony: Pasta and potatoes with provola
Humble in its highest dignity: Bucatino A ‘Puveriell
The real Neapolitan ragù combined with the sweetness of dairy products: Manfredi with ricotta cheese

Ziti spezzati a’ Genovese, Pasta patetos with provola
Manfredi alla ricotta, Bucatino a’ Puveriello: our specialties of pasta

Codfish fried, Seabass in Salt Crost and the Mix Meat with Ragu sauce: as second courses.

Babà, Sfogliatelle, Caprese and Sorbetto a limone
For desserts: 
Pastiera for Easter, Struffoli and Cassata for Christmas, Chiacchiere and sanguinaccio for Carnival

Then there is the Pizza…
a few simple elementsWater, flour and tomato …